How to do a last will and testament?

How to Write a Will Decide if you want to hire an attorney or write your own will online. Choose a legal guardian for your child. Decide on an executor for your estate. Sign your last will and will.

If your template doesn't include where to specify your age and mental state, you can write it yourself or choose another last will and testament template. A last will is important if you want to control your assets, assets and finances after death. For example, without a will, you would not be able to give away property to a non-relative or exclude certain relatives from claiming an inheritance. A last will is especially important for parents with minor children, as it allows you to appoint a legal guardian.

If you die without a valid will, a court appointed the administrator distributes your estate according to a predetermined formula (defined in state law). For example, California's probate code states that an intestate person's assets go first to his or her surviving spouse and children (to varying degrees, depending on the situation). If you don't leave instructions and you have no surviving family members, the state can collect your property. Anyone over 18 years of age should use a Last Will and Testament to help avoid potential disputes or confusion regarding their estate.